Daniel and Helen Bravo

Daniel and Helen Bravo


We understand that our call is to serve those who are in need and the most vulnerable in our country. We also feel that the Lord is calling us to mobilize the youth leaders we work with into action, to help them to organize themselves in order to impact the lives of their particular communities.

We have been focused on working with Venezuelan refugees arriving in Barranquilla and other cities of the region. The Venezuelan socio-economic crisis is causing thousands of people to leave their country. The magnitude of the venezuelan situation is sometimes overwhelming in terms of available resources for churches to serve. The challenge is always to serve an ever increasing number of people with limited resources. There is also an emotional impact of this situation in ourselves and in our churches.

Through the network of churches we have been working in Barranquilla, we are setting up training sessions for pastors and leaders so that they can, through a “community support groups” methodology, provide spiritual guidance and biblical counselling. Also, we have been setting up sports clubs in communities vulnerable to drugs, gangs and other social problems. In Barranquilla and Cartagena, we work with almost 900 children and teenagers, at least once a week and through special activities (tournaments, festivals) on weekends. Through these programs, kids and their families have the opportunity to meet the Lord and know his love.


We have seen The Lord’s provision in all the activities we have been involved in. But more than His provision, the main blessing for us is that we have seen Him in the midst of all we have faced. We have understood that as we serve and walk with those who suffer, He is also with us, giving us strength and wisdom but also crying with us. It is comforting to know that our God not only takes care of us from above, but has descended to be with us as He promised.

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