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Position Title: The Executive Director, Latin America Mission (Canada)

Position Summary:

Reporting to the Board, this position is responsible for providing leadership of the Mission in the strategic planning, development, networking, administration, and coordination of all existing and new programs, and in executing the Board’s decisions. The position is the primary liaison for the Board and the corporation and all partnering churches, foundations, and agencies, in and outside Canada. On behalf of the Board, the Executive Director manages all formal agreements and informal collaborative relationships with like-minded organizations and service entities. The Executive Director participates in initiatives (internal and external committees, partnership activities) to meet the Mission’s goals and priorities.

The ED oversees the day-to-day operations of the Mission in compliance with relevant legislation in Canada and in the countries of service; provides direction to staff and maintains contacts with donors, missionaries, and candidates.

Salary: At the Discretion of the Board.

Reports To: The Board of the Latin America Mission (Canada) Inc.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:

  • Relevant theological training and familiarity with the Latin American theological context. Evidence of spiritual maturity, godly personal qualities, spiritual disciplines, and proven dependence on God for guidance and adherence to the principles and values of the Latin America Mission (Canada). Demonstrated passion for missions and relevant cross-cultural (and or missionary) experience in the Latin American context.
  • Completion of additional leadership/management education related to small Not-for-Profit governance.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish.
  • A minimum of 5 years of related leadership experience and in particular program management experience.
  • Excellent Leadership administrative, communication and interpersonal skills to direct the activities of the Mission. Strong client service orientation to work with local and remote staff and influence program delivery.
  • Strong presentation and written communication skills to write reports, funding proposals and to advocate for the goals of the Mission.
  • Strong organizational skills to effectively develop and manage multiple programs, adjust to changing priorities and meet deadlines.

Major Responsibilities:

Governance and Administration – Board, Staff, and Missionaries:

  • Implements the vision of the Board of Latin America Mission (Canada).  Oversees problem solving, application of Board policies and direction to achieve a consistent understanding and to realize the goals of the Mission.
  • Implements policies and procedures in keeping with good governance practices and in specific areas of compliance with CCCC requirements and Auditor requirements for the Province of Ontario Not for Profit Organizations.
  • Plans, directs, and manages the Canadian office of the Latin America Mission. Performs all management activities for the Mission including the design and implementation of a staffing structure that supports the goals of the Mission’s Board; design of the staffing plan, job descriptions, hiring of new staff, performance management of existing staff, training, and development of the staff team.
  • Oversees the member care team which provides pastoral care of LAM missionaries.
  • Recruits Mission staff, discerns the suitability of candidates and recommends their approval as appointees to the Board.
  • Develops and executes activities designed to promote the Mission’s goals and programs.
  • Represents the Mission at conferences and events, The Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC), Evangelical churches in Canada, especially Spanish-speaking churches, para-church organizations and institutions, other mission agencies and charitable organizations as required.
  • Manages the reporting relationships with all governing authorities including the monitoring, completion and submission of reporting requirements and all legal responsibilities for the Mission to CRA, CCCC, and different agencies and levels of the Government of Canada.
  • Travels on Mission Business upon approval of the Board both nationally and internationally to promote the Mission and to maintain contacts in countries where LAM Canada personnel serve.
  • Performs other delegated duties as assigned.
  • Measures the performance of all Mission staff, Missionaries, and projects to ensure the programs are meeting the intended goals and are consistent with the Board’s direction and stakeholder expectations.
  • Manages the reporting relationships with all governing authorities including the monitoring, completion and submission of reporting requirements and all legal responsibilities for the Mission to CRA, CCCC, and different agencies and levels of the Government of Canada.

Fund Raising:

  • Responsible for Mission fundraising and mission development and oversight of funding for LAM missionaries.
  • Oversees and provides guidance to the donor relations coordinator in managing and implementing our donor management system.
  • Supports LAM missionaries in their friend-raising and fundraising activities.


  • Manages the Mission’s budgets for both general operations, and special projects.
  • Oversees the maintenance of the missionary funds, including budget planning and development, ongoing monitoring, and reporting to the Board.
  • Oversees the acquisition of any goods and services to serve the goals of the Mission in Canada and ensures that accountability and documentation for funds spent in the countries of service are according to the donor’s designation, (subject to Board approval).


  • Performs other delegated duties as assigned.
  • Reports to the Board regularly on the responsibilities noted above.



  • Vocation: The Executive Director must have a clear conviction of having been called by God for this ministry.
  • Acceptance of the LAM Statement of Faith and Code of Ethics. 
  • Identification with the mission, objectives, principles and values of LAM.
  • Christian commitment: The Executive Director must have a deep, mature and growing relationship with God.  He/she must have unquestioned integrity, transparency and discretion.
  • Build, maintain, and grow a positive and collaborative relationship with the mission, the church, and other organizations. His/her Christian convictions should enable him/her to relate harmoniously with others. 


  • Analysis and proposal: to learn and understand LAM’s history, its present reality and to develop and implement a vision for its future.
  • Planning and organization: ability to plan strategically.
  • Control and follow-up: ability to evaluate institutional management and achieve the proposed goals.
  • Leadership: to demonstrate wisdom, humility and transparency when leading others. To empower and motivate the LAM staff to carry out the mission’s, objectives and goals in their various roles.
  • Communication: ability to communicate verbally and in writing, as the main spokesperson of and for LAM. 

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Suitable candidates will be contacted by our search committee.  Applications will be accepted until a suitable candidate is found.