Vision 2020 Conference

  1. Biblical expositions on the book of James will be the axis of our five daily reflections. Please see the program in the attachment. I have asked our expositors to connect their expositions with Christopher Wright’s book, The Mission of God. This is a must read and study book as we seek to read all Scriptures and understand our identity as individuals and as a people in mission, a people called into God’s redemptive work in history: our context is Latin America!
  2. Our context is a continent filled with an inherited religiosity yet marked by injustice, violence, corruption, political instability, and poverty. At the same time, it is a continent in which the gospel of Jesus Christ has come and is bringing social-political transformation. As LAM missionaries and a people of God, we are part of this process of transformation! Please click here to access the PDFs of an article and a couple of books I suggest you read in preparation for the conference. Take a little bit of time to dive into this history of brokenness and of God’s grace. If you want to suggest an article or book, please let me know.
  3. There will be talks and presentations to help us further understand our history and context.
  4. There will be workshops to help us further our ministry and to address member care and accountability. We are revisiting our handbook and enhancing our tools needed for accountability. We will be addressing these topics during the Conference.
  5. We want to hear about your life and ministry. You will have an opportunity to share with the entire missionary family. Please bring photos, newsletters and materials you want to share.
  6. Post-conference, please check with Daniel & Helen Bravo ( on the possibility to join them in a visit to the area of Barranquilla/Sincelejo/Cartagena where much of LAM’s ministry in Colombia took place in a period known as los años de violencia. There might be a possibility of some going onto Venezuela as well.
  7. Please make sure to let Sue Vissers know your flight arrangements asap and send in your short bio-ministry blurb and picture for the Conference handbook.

This is an important moment in the life of our mission. Your presence is very important. We will pray and break bread together.

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