Recognition for Strachan

Recognition for Strachan

Recognition for Strachan

On June 5, 2024, the Costa Rican government recognized the pioneering legacy made by Henry and Susana Strachan in Costa Rica between 1921 and 1946. What unbelievable persistence they showed!

"Ricardo Vargas Rodríguez, Thank you, Mr. President.  

We want to recognize the lives of Don Enrique and Doña Susana Strachan, (Henry and Susan) who came to Costa Rica as dedicated and visionary missionaries. They did extraordinary work in various social and religious areas, financing all their initiatives without requesting financial aid from the Government or local entities. 

Instead, they received international donations, showing compassion to many Costa Ricans who were truly blessed by this good work. They were co-founders of the Clinica Biblica and the Bible Seminary; this institution has trained pastors throughout Latin America. 

In addition, they established the Roblealto Bible Home, which includes the camp, the farm, the orphanage, and several daycare centers in different parts of San José. 

They were also the founders of the Faro del Caribe radio station and the Casa de la Mujer Cristiana, teaching women crafts and other skills. 

One of Henry Strachan’s notable initiatives was the creation of goodwill caravans. These traveled to rural communities before the existence of those today, undertaking week-long mobile free medical, dental, and veterinary services. 

Likewise, they founded over 125 evangelical churches in Costa Rica, replicating the efforts in other Latin American countries. 

All this is summed up in their liberal affinity, a concern with the individual. That is why we believe and are convinced that this recognition must be made today. They firmly believed in individual responsibility. They were independent of our Government’s aid, so they focused on coordinating with the Government rather than depending on it. 

Through their projects, they thus integrated the concept of self-sufficiency in communities. Of the more than 30 entities they founded, 17 are still in operation and are managed by Costa Ricans.

A notable example is Clinica Biblica, a non-profit association with a Costa Rican board of directors. Of the profits generated, 1/3 was allocated to expanding infrastructure, another third for equipment, and staff training and the last third for social actions. 

In this way, they helped people without resources to access medical treatments. Enrique and Susana were individuals of absolute integrity and commitment, leaving a lasting and significant legacy in the region". 

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