Church Planting in Mexico City

Church Planting in Mexico City

Church Planting in Mexico City

By John and Tracey Pieters

John and Tracey Pieters are a testimony to persistence, and they joyfully serve the Lord in Mexico City. The skills they have learned over years of church planting are being sharpened, and their supportive network has grown. They keep on making friends and calling on supporters.

They give glory to the Lord, saying, “Then they said among the nations, ‘The Lord has done great things for them.’” (Psalm 126:2). We will read this verse through their eyes because what follows is a description of how they are planting their fifth church.  

For one thing, they set a goal of getting to know a new family each week. Just think of what that means! The people they met last week and the week before want to be supported. This happened after a new family showed up at the music classes in the park, where Jonathan, Jimmy, Tracey, and John got out the guitars. Tracey meets the moms and soon has the children’s names from the oldest to the youngest. 

Like all communities, this place has a leader. His name is Pablo. He saw the flyer announcing the upcoming Children’s Day celebration and came to talk about his concerns for the neighborhood. The team spent the rest of the afternoon listening to him and his frustrations with the neighborhood watch. That conversation built a bridge that would soon bear much fruit. Tracey found volunteers to prepare for Children’s Day, and 70 children and 50 adults came for the first-ever event there. The new children enjoyed games, snacks and refreshments, crafts, a clown, and they learned songs about Jesus. 

Pablo responded positively, “This has been so good for our neighborhood. There is something special about your team. Adults, teens, and kids all working together!”

Pray with John and Tracey:

1. For God to bring growth and fruit from the seeds they are planting.

2. For meaningful conversations with these new friends.

3. For God’s peace and safety in this area of “Jardines.” (Gardens)