What are the steps to begin a NEW congregation?

What are the steps to begin a NEW congregation?

What are the steps to begin a NEW congregation?

by John & Tracey Pieters  

Step 1. Saturate the new dream with prayer and worship

Since last year, we’ve been praying for God to guide us to the right place, raise up the needed people, and show us the way He wants us to participate with Him in this next church plant. Looking at a neighborhood just a few blocks from where we are now renting, we’ve had an opportunity to invite a team to pray and worship with us to see where God is moving and how we can join Him.

Step 2. Select a team and begin to prepare them

Starting with two friends who wanted to learn how to begin a new church, and inviting some young people who show great potential, we are forming a team. We have begun weekly team meetings to worship, study the Bible, and pray together, laying a foundation for the new work. Not only do we want to collaborate in reaching out to the neighborhood for Jesus, but we also want God to work in each of us to grow, mature, and prepare us for the work ahead.

Step 3. Explore a new "unreached" neighborhood 

Desiring to see how people in the "Jardines" (meaning "Gardens") neighborhood would respond to God’s Word, we invited the youth group from the 1 More 4 Christ church to join us in knocking on doors to offer a free New Testament and a home Bible study. We are thankful for these young people who participated and got to see firsthand, despite nervousness or lack of experience, how God can use them to touch other lives. 

Step 4. Use our gifts to make new friends

During the first few visits to the Jardines neighborhood, we handed out hundreds of flyers, inviting people to the weekly music and English classes we are offering. Besides meeting the owners of the small stores in the area, we also providentially met the person who is the designated representative of the community to the governing parties.  This man, although not (yet!) a follower of Christ, has become our advocate in the neighborhood, helping promote our classes on social media and giving his official approval of our activities. This is a huge blessing that we have not experienced in previous church plants.

Step 5: Watch and be amazed at what God is doing...

Please pray with us:

  1. For the continued maturity of the team and the youth helping us.
  2. For lots of divine appointments and new friends to be made.
  3. For the opening of homes for Bible study.
  4. For God's leading and our following each step of the way.

In this season of worshiping Jesus for the life he's given us, we are thankful to be a part of what God is doing in and around us. We appreciate you and your partnership in the Gospel. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement for reaching Mexicans in the neediest parts of Mexico. God bless you!