Dione Lima writes from Brazil

Dione Lima writes from Brazil

Dione Lima writes from Brazil

I finally have my ticket for tomorrow’s trip to Bahia, my mother’s state. My daughter Sabrina will stay here in Redenção this time since she has yet to finish the school year. Please pray for my journey and for Sabrina.

You asked me how I managed to buy the car. It was indeed a miracle, a blessing from God.

Here in Redenção, there is no public transport. After Samuel, a missionary, left, we were without a car because he took the vehicle. So, I was without a car for over a year, walking on foot during visits to the Indians. Sometimes, I took a motorcycle taxi or Uber to get to banks and services, especially when I had to take my daughter to the doctor and school. The climate here is hot, and at times, I walked about 4 kilometers to visit a Kayapo sister suffering from cancer.

Consequently, I started praying, asking other brothers to pray for this need. We have an annual campaign in the church where my daughter and I congregate at First Baptist Church of Redenção. This goes on for 21 days of prayer, and during this campaign, I put my needs before God.

In the first months of this year, I received help from some brothers. One was Mr. Earl Trap, my mentor. He turned 95 in July, having worked in Brazil with the Kayapo Indians. With more than 50 years of experience here, he knew how important it is to have transport. Without a way to get around, it’s hard to work here.

The well-maintained used car was in a store owned by a Christian. He belongs to the same church where I attend. This man contacted me, making it easy to make a down payment. Then, I agreed to pay the remaining installments. Some months, I couldn't pay on time, so I had to ask him to postpone the payment date. When I received funds from LAM through Stephani Obando, I completed that month’s payment.

Last year, I went to the villages several times using the car I bought. It has been an incredible blessing because I could do more to carry out the work here in Redenção. I can manage most of our needs now. I’m so thankful to God and the brothers who helped me.

Now, I would really like to do some things at home. I want to plaster the outside and build a large room and a bathroom next to the house. That way, I could bring together the children and teenagers who live here in Redenção, giving tutoring classes in Kayapo and Portuguese. Also, I would have a place where indigenous brothers and sisters could pass through on their way to meetings in Mato Grosso. They would have a place to hang their hammocks, which is my challenge this year.

Thank you very much for all the support.

May God bless you and your family. Dione