Pastoral Care Involves Training New Pastors

Pastoral Care Involves Training New Pastors

Pastoral Care Involves Training New Pastors

By Jorge and Gail Atiencia

Learning to preach from the Word of God involves training, time, and close relationships.

Here are some of the "single" words lifted in praise at a closing testimony time following days of teaching: 

  • Accompaniment, Grace,
  • Destination-reached, Mentored,
  • Today, Jesus Christ,
  • Healing, Restoration,
  • 'Pandora's Box opened, Heart,
  • Ultimate, Belief,
  • Beyond expectations, Glorious!

Thank you!! Those of you who were able to pray have contributed in a quiet but very significant way to growing the Kingdom in Colombia.

These words describe what “sustainability” looks like in a growing Christian community. 

Gail collected these words from the 13 facilitators who completed the courses “Preaching the Old Testament” and “Preaching the New Testament.” 

Jorge and Gail Atiencia displayed their love of making disciples through teaching and equipping others. From November 12 -16, they taught at the Seminario Bíblico de Colombia in Medellin. The event began with a special welcoming dinner, presenting Alex Chiang and the Colombian National Team of Langham-escuelitas (mini-preaching schools).

This was the third year of the event, and thirteen carefully chosen facilitators from nine cities across Colombia: Montería, Barranquilla, Sincelejo, Medellín, Bogotá, Pereira, Cali, Armenia, and Tuluá participated. Each participant was rigorously evaluated before being awarded their Diplomas as "Specialized Facilitators." Now, please pray for the continuing growth of the participants and that the model Bible expositions preached by Alex and Jorge will take root and 'accomplish the purpose for which the Lord has sent His Word.' 

“Thank you!"