Pastoral Care Involves Training New Pastors

Pastoral Care Involves Training New Pastors

Craig and Amanda Cunningham in Bolivia

September in Santa Cruz, Bolivia marks the anniversary of our city’s founding. Fresh green leaves mean spring is here once more. 

This year, it also meant the arrival of the Langham Preaching Level 2 Workshop. We had started out with a brand-new cohort of students in 2022. They met in their preaching cell-groups, or escuelitas, over the past year. This was their second gathering as a combined group and it was hugely gratifying to see their progress. At Level 1 meeting there is always a sharp intake of breath from the newbies as it is announced that by the end of Day 3, they will preach a sermon. This time around, one year on, when that same task was set, no-one batted an eyelid. 

Just as spring sees a change of season, so I now have a change of timetable. I have been the local facilitator in Santa Cruz since we moved, but I have passed on this duty to a local called Samuel. I will continue to lead my own cell-group, walking alongside them over their remaining two years. 

Langham Preaching is a ministry I am hugely passionate about, and it has had a profound effect on my own life and work in Bolivia. My first cell group began in the city of Trinidad in 2015. Now, I’m looking forward to seeing how Samuel and the local team develop the ministry. I’m happy to play a small role in supporting them. Above all, I’m excited that a Bolivian will be at the helm. 

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