How Can I Pray for Summer Camps?

How Can I Pray for Summer Camps?

Pray for Children ages 6-18 to enjoy their excitement of being away from home. Some camps last only two or three days. Many camps run for a week, and some even 14 days. But camp memories often last an entire lifetime.

In almost all camps, one person is in charge. Pray for the camp’s director. Great responsibility rests on his or her shoulders. The program, food preparation, and sports all present moments where conflict can arise at any moment. The director needs great wisdom when dealing with conflicting personalities. A successful camp brings great rewards.

Pray for volunteer camp counsellors. Often the ratio is one volunteer to five or eight campers. This is a fantastic moment for older youth or young adults. Often, it’s their first significant leadership opportunity. Volunteers need to keep their eyes open and their ears alert. One of the greatest thrills of any volunteer is to lead a camper to Christ for the first time. 

Pray for the kitchen staff! So much responsibility rests on getting meals ready on time and serving delicious food! A variety of plates is one way the camp says, “We care for you, body, soul, and spirit.” There are often moments of frustration in the kitchen; things don’t always go right. Pray for the virtues of patience and imagination!

And, of course, pray for musicians and Bible teachers! 

Pray for the outreach of local churches. Pray for bus and car drivers

Pray that this summer across Latin America, thousands of campers will find the blessings of “Christ in you, the hope of glory!”