Pray for Honduras

Pray for Honduras

Honduras, meaning “the depths” either refers to the safe waters of Trujillo port, or Christopher’s Columbus statement that the was leaving the “depths” of his experience there. 

Honduras became independent from Spain in 1821 when many other Latin American nations rebelled against foreign rule. By 1932, the country had seen 134 revolutions. The 20th century witnessed one military rule after another. 

The country is one of the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nations; political decisions and economic wealth is centralized in the hands of a very small minority. People visiting Honduras for more than just a quick trip comment on the widespread unemployment, low wages, and gang violence. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch destroyed 80% of the country’s agriculture 70-80% of the nation’s infrastructure was ruined, including bridges and roads. Since then, other hurricanes also wrecked dreadful damage.

The population is generally a mixture of indigenous and white, 90%, indigenous, 7%, Black, 2%, and White 1%. In terms of religion, about 75% are Roman Catholic, while 13,000+ churches are spread out through the Protestant and Independent churches across 70+ denominations. Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, and other marginal groups compose around 1%. Since 1963, beginning with Evangelism in Depth, the number of evangelicals grew from less than 1% to today’s 23%

Pray for Benjamin and Isabel Martinez in Puerto Lempira

  1. For the ministry of Walpa Yamni; may God allow it to spread.
  2. May God send more missionaries to support the development of his redemptive work.
  3. For the health of both of us – Isabel and Benjamin, for total restoration so we can continue in the work God has for us.
  4. For the team planning to come from Costa Rica, that they have no obstacles and that the Lord will supply their expenses.
  5. For our children - Gwendolyn Loany and Isabel Noemí and Horvin that God will keep them under his cover, that they may do well in all the decisions they make.
  6. For the Theological and Discipleship students, so they can finish the 2022 module, and that God continues to raise more people for his harvest.

Pray for Kike, and Belinda Vega, and Henry: 

  1. For their marriage to be a witness to others around them. 
  2. For physical health to continue with the ministry without interruptions.
  3. For wisdom to have a clear vision of family and ministry, that their first focus is on God. 
  4. They are beginning their process to travel to Canada this year, and for the funds for their trip.    

Pray for the great needs in Honduras: children at risk, powerful gangs, and AIDS.

While evangelicals are growing, division, isolation and jealousies weaken the witness of churches and leaders. Pray for the growth of mission vision.