Pray for Armenia, Colombia

Pray for Armenia, Colombia

When Jesús Maria Ocampo, the “tiger killer” who loved hunting jaguars ran away from the military General Gallo, he bought a parcel of land for a trading center. Other colonists joined him and bought property for their homes. By August 1890, Armenia had 100 inhabitants, so it applied to the government for recognition as a town. The township got its name before the Armenian Massacres of the late 1890’s.

From its inception until 1927, travel in and out of town was only by mule, but with the arrival of roads, the population grew dramatically. With its pleasant climate, Armenia grew rapidly and is sometimes called “Ciudad Milagro” (Miracle City) due to the fast growth, now half a million people including the immediate area around the urban core.

Coffee, plantains, and bananas grow well, and tourists enjoy local cuisine restaurants, exhibition centers, also participating in fishing, golf, tennis, and ecotourism. The city is linked daily with Bogota, Medellin, Panama City, and Fort Lauderdale, making it a choice for conferences, meetings, and business and social events.

We are focusing on Armenia this month because LAM has missionaries here are involved in vital ministries.

Please pray for:

  • The churches and pastors in Armenia, for spiritual growth and a real impact in the city.
  • Our LAM missionaries in this city: Jacob and Leidy Paul, and Alejandra and Andrés Rincón.
  • For El Nido project. You can learn more from this project here:
  • For the new church plant initiative called Reunion Colombia that is being developed in Armenia, you can know more here:
  • For the colombian already struggluling economy and the high rise inflation in food.