LAM March Prayer Guide

LAM March Prayer Guide

In Colombia:

El Nido in Armenia. “Pray for a strategic ministry to young women with unexpected pregnancies. Specifically, keep *Yasmin in her prayers. She doesn’t have ideal health and she needs the comfort of the Lord to help her through the first days with her newborn baby.” (*Not her complete name.)

Jacob and Leidy Paul in Armenia, Colombia. Jacob asks for prayer: “Is my life coherent with what I proclaim and believe? Just because we live far away and serve others doesn’t mean that I am never selfish, forget how to love properly, or am without my struggles. Thankfully, Jesus loves me just the same and it is this love, which propels me in my moments of despair, to reclaim the hope we have in him and learn again how to love God, how to love myself and how I was made and finally, but not last, how to truly love others unconditionally.”

In Nicaragua:

Oscar and Ada Rivera conduct evangelistic and discipleship meetings in Nicaragua for men whose lives are ruined because of additions. Pray for them as they speak with individuals. The Rivera’s write: “At our work at the Rehab Center God has given us a lot of love to teach the bible to this group of people; a third of which are bearing fruit, evangelizing, and making disciples. It has been difficult to deal with different characters but by the grace of God we have kept them together as a family and always with the desire to grow in knowledge and in maturity.”

In Panama and Brazil

Carluci dos Santos is on a trip to Panama and Brazil. In Panama City Carluci will speak to 150 mission leaders from all over Latin America on the theme “Reaching Indigenous Peoples for Christ.” Then, in Brazil, he will visit two regions where indigenous peoples are being reached through LAM missionaries. He will visit Joao Quadra and Dione Santos. (See below.)

Pastor Joao Quadra is the Brazilian leader of an organization conducting ministries among indigenous groups. We have sad news about Joao and his wife Girilene.

Dione Santos, a missionary to the Kayapo Indians, writes: “João my colleague since the beginning of my ministry, has been undergoing treatment for cancer for years, and this month Girilene, his wife, was diagnosed with tumors in the liver, head, bones. I was very saddened by these events this month.”

In Canada:

Marcello and Guilliana Viana are on their second church plant in Winnipeg among Portuguese-speaking people. Pray for spiritual, emotional, and financial growth among new believers. Most are new Christians to the faith. The congregation was meeting in their home, but it has now outgrown the space in their home. The congregation meets in a newly rented church, but the rent is high for the new group.