Joe and Marg Nesci Don’t Do Normal Vacations

In Mexico, sometimes, things don’t move rapidly! But in mid-January 2023, it was different. Joe and Marg Nesci, visiting the country for their umpteenth time, had previously ordered 120 Bibles to be sent from Mexico City to Acapulco. The purpose of their trip?  Joe and Marg wanted to travel to the mountainous region in southwest Mexico.  Joe says, “I purchased 120 Bibles three days before we left. The day we arrived in Acapulco, boxes of Bibles came. Early on the 13th, we left, ready to visit many isolated villages. The Bibles arrived just in time!”

These Bibles were their latest expression of love and compassion. Joe and Marg have come to deeply love Mexicans. The Nesci couple hand-delivered more than 1,000 Spanish Bibles in the last several years.

Joe worked himself up to the position of manager in a hair salon in Pickering, serving in that position for many years. At the age of 40, he received an invitation from an outgoing, well-liked neighbor who invited 30 people to a barbecue and Bible study. Of those who accepted that invitation, only one person gave his life to the Lord, and that person was Joe! The neighbor mentored Joe through one-on-one Bible study, giving him a solid spiritual foundation.

At first, only a few accepted their invitation to a summer Barbeque. But that number soon increased, first to 60, then 80, and finally 200 people. Soccer games brought up to ten teams of soccer-loving Mexicans together. Often, these hungry men ate Italian-cooked meals.  Bible studies were held, and Dr. Carluci dos Santos was involved many times. Other Bible teachers joined in. Then, Joe thought he might go to Mexico and visit the relatives of some of his Mexican friends. The idea worked! Joe and Marg Nesci visited Mexico, looked up a person, and shared a new Christian friendship. Often, that person came to Jesus Christ.  When they learned about Latin America Mission, Joe and Marg applied as volunteer missionaries. Their vacations turned into ministry trips. Each time they went to Mexico, they rented a vehicle. Sometimes they got lost, at times, ending up in bad areas, but after many years, they have had no significant problems.

That brings us to January 2023, when Joe and Marg made their most recent trip. They met up with Florentina Diego Carceda. (See the next featured article.) Joe explains, “On January 14th, we visited native Mexicans. Our team had 15 Christian volunteers in back of two trucks and we went three-and-a-half hours along a dangerous road. Don’t make this trip too often! It’s too risky! It was an amazing visit. Some people came from far-away villages, getting up at 5:00 AM to walk to meet us over rugged mountain paths. But these people had heard about our trip. Parents and grandparents came, and we also shared with 60 children. Many people invited the Lord into their lives. Joe claims he can speak to people for a long time without a response in Canada. But in Mexico, people are hungry to hear about Jesus Christ. He can speak with them for five minutes, and they want to surrender to the Lord. We gave out Samaritan Purse boxes and Bibles. I felt God provided them “just in time.”

Joe could only do his evangelistic work with the consistent help of his wife, Marg, gives him. Her support is mirrored in their warm hospitality. She always helps with the PowerPoint presentations. She edits, writes letters, and helps him keeps in touch with churches. She is deeply committed to her husband’s call to the Gospel.  On one occasion, Joe had invited almost 60 Mexican farm workers to their property in Pickering. Just as the guest speaker was about to speak, the heavens opened up and huge raindrops fell. Marg called out, “Bring in your chairs! Take up all the space that’s available in the basement!” Soon there was standing room only; many heard the Gospel for the first time.

Then Joe and Marg called out, “Soon, we’ll have something to eat!” Once more, everything that afternoon was “just in time.”

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