The LAM January Prayer Guide

Pray for Latin America

Pray for LAM’s Missionaries

  • Craig and Amanda Cunningham. Living in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is often marked with strikes, closing the roads between the lowlands and the capital, La Paz. The last strike lasted many weeks. Pray for Craig and Amanda’s outreach to English-speaking people, or those who want to learn English.
  • Marcelo and Guilliane Viana. This hard-working Brazilian couple came to Winnipeg, Canada for church planting among Portuguese-speaking people. They have now started their second church, needing legal documents to shift from a home group to renting a lovely church building.
  • Carluci Dos Santos. Carluci continues teaching at Spanish Bible Institute in Toronto with students in Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela. Pray for an accreditation process with two denominations. Training people is critical to obtaining a deep discipleship process.
  • Mairee y Joel Garcia. For the prompt response to the request for the immigration papers. Joel would appreciate it if Mairee's mother could come to visit them. Intercede for Joel's studies. He is taking many classes to better serve the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Pat McInnes. LAM has both younger and older missionaries! Pat is part of the second group! She lives in Costa Rica and is still in touch with mission work. She is known for a lifetime of hospitality, love, and gracious service to Costa Ricans.

Pray for Our Programs and Projects

  • El Nido. This program in Armenia, Colombia, offers counseling, friendship, and hope for expectant teenage girls. Pray for those who “graduated” from the program at the end of the year.
  • Fundación Doulos (Servant Foundation). This program helps local churches in Darien - Colombia. The humanitarian situation is very difficult:  Out of 10 people, 4 are children. They need prayer, resources, and people who will serve them, and all of these are in short supply!
  • Roblealto Child Care Program. This program was initiated decades ago. Roblealto continues to care for children with social vulnerabilities. Pray for the mothers who have had to give up their children. Pray for the staff workers who care for these children. (Watch their video here)
  • Church Planting. Pray for John and Tracey Pieters in Mexico City as they continue on their second church plant.