Honduras Education and Housing Project

We invite you to come alongside this project which has been operating for close to a decade to help support families in need in the town of Siguatepeque, located in central Honduras. The principal focus is to help with the costs of sending children to school. In Honduras, education is ostensibly free, however, in order to attend, a family has to pay for the student’s registration, uniforms, shoes, gym clothing, back-pack, books, pens and pencils, etc. Some schools even require payment for the school cleaner, computer class or even their own chair.  A young child starting in nursery school will need approximately $100 for a year’s education; the cost grows as the grade goes up. A high school student will need $300 for a year.  Sometimes these same families receiving help for their children’s education ask for help with other projects. To date, we have done three roofs. One new one and two replacements. These families live hand to mouth, earning just enough to pay for their daily needs through selling food in the market or washing clothes.  The cost of a new roof is way beyond their reach. A new roof will cost approximately $1,500.  Families are expected to contribute their part in labour and some of the financial cost. For example, one new house was built by the family – they cleared the land, made the adobe bricks, did the building. We then helped with the roof, which included organizing volunteer help from a local youth group. 

Any contribution to help with these ongoing costs would be very appreciated as it increases the quality of life for the families and provides opportunity for better jobs and choices in the future.

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