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Pray for Venezuela

The situation in Venezuela continues to worsen and many families are migrating to Colombia, Brazil and other countries.

After a failed attempt from regional governments to mediate between the opposition and the government, Venezuela is currently facing a complex political emergency which includes: shortages of food and medicines, increase of preventable diseases and massive immigration.

As the economy continues to sink, and the estimated inflation hovering around 700%, crime and other related issues are soaring. Even though access is restricted, many are now forced to cross the border to buy food, medicine and other supplies in Colombia.


People crossing the border to get food and medicine in Colombia when the border was opened.

The Bravos have received several Venezuelan families who have arrived in Barranquilla, Colombia. They continue to support three new churches in Maracaibo, Venezuela and hope to expand their efforts to assist in several communities. Their focus is to prevent deaths of pregnant women, newborns and children under 5 years.

Pray for the Venezuelan people. If you want to assist financially, please donate to  “Venezuela – Bravo Project”.

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