Country: Nicaragua


Rommel and Ana Julia Raudales


Rommel and Ana Julia Raudales have been working with Quien Soy Yo Ministires in Granada, Nicaragua, for several years. They are currently in Toronto with their daughter Milady and getting ready to return to Nicaragua at the beginning of 2019.

Rommel came to know Christ in his late twenties, having had some stormy years during his adolescence. He began drinking by age 14 and also was involved in gangs. By his late twenties, his life was in chaos, addiction and anxiety. He accepted the invitation to go to a church where was given a New Testament, which he read constantly. The reading of Scriptures began to change his attitude and fed his desire for change. That’s when he came to know Jesus, in 2007, through the ministry of Warden Full Gospel Christian Assembly, Toronto. He then began looking for places to volunteer at shelters for battered women and Youth Assisting Youth. As the Word of God sank into his heart, Rommel accepted that Jesus sacrifice on the cross was for him, that God would give him new life and that life would be in His service.

Rommel founded ‘Quien Soy Yo’ (Who Am I) in 2008, a registered charitable organization that is dedicated to ministering to people who have addictions and substance abuse. The organization continues to do well and have seen many young men (and women) being restored to a healthy, productive life in society. Rommel also works with the authorities in a program called ‘building safer communities’ which aims to counter the effects of gangs and domestic violence. He also is involved with radio and prison ministries in Nicaragua and speaks at churches.

Ana Julia shares of her deep desire to serve and help people whose lives, and self-images are profoundly damaged by abuse and addictions. She has a vision for expanding ‘Quien Soy Yo’ to provide separate meetings and care for vulnerable women, in particular those who have been victims of domestic abuse. At the present, women are welcome but are in the same group as the men. Over the years, Rommel and Ana Julia have met many professional people who specialize in psychological or healing work. It is their hope that some of these people would partner with them as they seek to develop their ministry.

They have many beautiful stories to tell of people coming to faith and lives being transformed.

They write regular newsletters where they feature these wonderful stories. Please let us know if you would like to receive their newsletter.

Their home church is Heron Park Baptist Church.

Rommel received a Christian Studies Certificate from the Master’s College and Seminary, Toronto; he is also a student at the Centro Intereclesial De Estudios Teológicos y Sociales (CIEETS), Managua as a Candidate for Theological degree.