Costa Rica

Country: Costa Rica

City: San Jose


Nery and Pam Duarte

San Jose, Costa Rica

Nery has carried out a multi-faceted ministry in Costa Rica since he and his late wife, Pam (pictured), joined LAM Canada in the early 90s.  Pam passed away on January 4th, 2018. Nery’s current ministry focus includes pastoral and chaplaincy work at a local prison. He also counsels church leaders and missionaries.

Nery is also working on the implementation of a pastors’ leadership project in both Honduras and Nicaragua in the Miskito area. In Cuba, he is working on the implementation of a national mission board which supports training and mission projects. While in Costa Rica, Nery volunteers with the Red Cross as deputy director in selected search and rescue operations.

Nery has led many short-term projects, including two relief initiatives following Hurricane Mitch and Hurricane Felix. Nery is involved with his local church, the International Baptist Church. His son, Jonathan, plans to begin his Ph.D studies at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow in the fall of 2018 and his daughter, Andrea, just completed her first degree at Western University in London, Ontario (June 2018).