Florentina Diego Carceda

Florentina Diego Carceda


Florentina is a gifted evangelist with a with a deeply committed conviction to bring the gospel to the people of Mexico. For the last 30 years she has planted and pastored churches in the mountainous state of Guerrero, Mexico. She goes into these rural areas where Nahuatl and Tlapaneco languages are spoken, calling people with a megaphone to come and hear the gospel at a central point in the community. She tends to the physical needs of these vulnerable people as much as she does their spiritual need. The ‘Assemblies of God’ invited her to join them a few years ago which gave her some credibility and safety with the armed groups in the area. In these pandemic times her ministry has not slowed, she continues with the building of a new church and she has been asked to visit many people in hospitals to pray for them and their families and share the Gospel with them.

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