Nery Duarte

Nery Duarte

Costa Rica

Nery Duarte's mission and calling is in leadership development and the support of pastors in their local ministries. He works across various countries in Latin America, namely Costa Rica, Cuba, Honduras, and most recently Venezuela, creating Christian development projects that are relevant to the needs of their local communities. His goal is to enable pastors and leaders to carry out their ministries more successfully, for example working in Cuba to train approximately 35 pastors on management skills, strategies, and planning. In his ministry he also works on a project called Christian Development Center, which teaches pastors in biblical theology as well as in learning trades.

Often pastors in Latin America have to work in another job to be able to carry out their ministries. They need to compensate their work with additional income so that they can obtain salary in order to continue pursuing their ministries, and may do this through learning trades such as carpentry. Nery has also been involved in Venezuela for the last 6 months, helping out local churches to create programs so that they can be self-sustainable.  He has been supporting the creation of community gardens. He also brings in aid to local pastors and missionaries. Nery has been involved in the Red Cross in Costa Rica for the last 15 years, participating in the Search and Rescue, volunteering as Assistant Operations Director, and driving an ambulance for one shift every week. He has also been involved in prison ministry, visiting prisoners and encouraging them by helping them at different levels and sharing the gospel.

Nery faces many challenges as he works in countries that are undergoing tremendous financial and social hardships, which makes his work very difficult. Nery has been blessed with a good network of supporters and volunteer helpers, who are willing to contribute both their time and their resources to his mission.


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