Benjamín and Isabel Martínez

Benjamín and Isabel Martínez


We are grateful to God the Father, Jesus Christ Our Lord, and to the Holy Spirit our Comforter, who has brought us all together by his grace to serve him in his work for the honor and glory of his name. We are privileged to serve the Lord through the ministry we founded -  Walpa Yamni - which in English means Precious Stone.  The headquarters of our work is located in Puerto Lempira, Department of Gracias a Dios, Honduras.  Our ministries include the Walpa Yamni Bible Seminary, a vocational training school as well as ongoing outreaches to leaders, pastors, women, youth and children, living in the rural and urban communities of La Moskitia. The population is about 95% indigenous, predominantly Miskitos, followed by Tawahkas, Pech, Payas and Garifunas. 

The main focus of our ministry is to promote and encourage the study of the Bible not only through the Seminary, but also  through the implementation of programs focused on children, adolescents, youth, women, and adults so that they may contribute to the integral development of the church and community. Our vision includes helping indigenous communities to be able to play an active and autonomous role in the planning of their activities in the church and in their communities.  Ultimately, it is our desire that the church of our Lord Jesus Christ will shine the light of hope among the various ethnic groups in our region, in all of Honduras and the rest of the world.

We are thankful for our recently constructed facility, featured in this short video, which we use for the Seminary classes and other programs:  VIDEO

Some of our biggest challenges include:  our geographically remote location; very limited resources in the churches and communities where we serve and we have also encountered some indifference to the importance of further development of our work.  Notwithstanding  these challenges, we continue to move forward with our various programs.  Please pray with us for our current ministries and for resources needed to continue our vocational school (carpentry and welding).  We also hope to open a ministry to youth in the near future.  Drug addiction among youth is an issue in our region. 

We are grateful for God's hand on our lives and ministry here in Puerto Lempira and for your support!

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