David & Marilyn Longworth

David & Marilyn Longworth

Costa Rica

David and Marilyn Longworth are both Canadians, but met and married in Costa Rica.  Dave’s parents were also LAM missionaries.  Dave, as an agronomist, worked for about 20 years with the Roblealto Hatchery; the hatchery generates funds to support the work of the Roblealto Child Care Association. He has also worked in the administration at Camp Roblealto, with the Bible Society and, in recent years, as one of the founders of the Glorious Day Foundation. GDF was created to provide a home and training for boys from 12 to 18 who were at social risk.  It was a challenge to help these boys continue their studies, learn good habits and try to win them to the Lord. 

Dave continues to serve on the board of the Bible Society and a Roblealto board that deals with farm and hatchery matters. From time to time he is able to continue contact with some of the fellows who they worked with in the foundation.

Marilyn came to Costa Rica in 1975 to work with the Roblealto Child Care Association.  She was the resident nurse at the Children’s Home for 17 years, but also started teaching Bible classes in the Christian grade school of the Home after coming out of language school.  Once they moved off the property of the Home, she continued doing some nursing for a while, but has discontinued that part of the work as well qualified nationals have been able to take that over.  She has continued to teach Bible in the school, now finishing 43 years. Both of them serve on the Missions Committee of their local church.


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