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Water Tower in Bolivia

Water tower – the hospital’s only source of water

The water tower which supplies water to the two-story building of the Fundación Totaí is in urgent need of repair or total replacement. The Foundation’s property is not connected to the local water supply due to its location within the city. They depend on a well dug during its initial construction. Water is electrically pumped from the well up to a large water tank for storage. Gravity then causes the water from the tank to supply the two-story Foundation building with consistent flow even during the many power cuts.

The water tower is deteriorating: the concrete is falling off the pillars and exposing the iron rods that support the tower structure. Trinidad is not normally a windy city, but the rainy season can bring strong storms. If the tank were to fall, its location would cause extensive damage to the surrounding buildings of Fundación Totaí. An engineering assessment has suggested that new supporting pillars could be built alongside and connected to the tank to strength the whole structure. However, if at the time of construction, this does not seem feasible due to the state of the original tank, then a completely new tank will need to be built.

Estimates so far for repair are in CAD $5,200 to $10,000 range depending on the best solution. The Foundation is not able to pay for the construction out of its current day to day budget.

This is a joint project with the Foundation Totaí of Scotland and LAM Canada.

Fundación Totaí

Fundación Totaí is an Evangelical Christian NGO, based in Trinidad, Bolivia, with the mission of sharing the gospel of Christ with those in the community through the practical ministries of health care, sports and education. The Foundation was officially established in 2004, with the construction of their main building done in 2007; a surgical operating theatre and an in-patient ward were added in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Craig and Amanda Cunningham serve at the Fundación Totaí.

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Water Tower - Bolivia

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