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Save the newborns in Venezuela

Marina’s testimony of losing her baby due to lack of medical supplies…

The nurse gave me a long list of supplies I needed before giving birth. The list included everything from saline, syringes and needles to cotton and disposable gloves.

The problem is that these products are not available in Venezuela. They are expensive and need to be purchased at the border with Colombia or Brazil.
The delivery was one week ahead of the scheduled date and when I arrived at the hospital, they asked me if I had all the supplies for the birth. When I said no, they gave me a medicine that was supposed to stop the contractions and sent me home. But the birth did not stop.

I returned to the hospital a few hours later but the doctors told me that I was not ready to give birth yet, no tests were done, even though I felt the baby was about to be born. Then I learned that they avoid doing exams because of the lack of disposable gloves.

In desperation I gave birth by myself, but when the baby was born, she was already dead. She died because she spent too much time in the birth canal.

Marina, is a member of the Caribbean Church Association in Venezuela. She wanted to share her testimony to help other women and children in Venezuela. Venezuela is facing an economic and political crisis. Goods such as food, toiletries and medicine are in short supply, unavailable or very expensive. If you would like to learn more click here to connect with us.