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Ruth Thomson – Medevac

Ruth Thomson – Medevac

Ruth Thomson was evacuated on March 26th from Alta Floresta, in the Brazilian Amazon, to Brasilia due to health reasons. She was feeling very weak and having a high fever. She is currently doing well, has regained most of her physical strength back and has been authorized to fly back to Canada where she should be arriving soon.

We are very thankful to Everton, Operations coordinator from PEC (the Medevac) air transportation who coordinated the rescue operation. We are very thankful to the large family of God in Brazil, including the pilots and nurses, fellow missionaries and co-workers for their faithful support of Ruth at this time.

The regular cost of a flight like this would be around CAD $26,000.

Please click here to make a contribution to help defray the cost of this flight. All donations are tax deductible.

Ruth is a Bible translator and has been working in Brazil for over 50 years. To read more about Ruth’s work please click here