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CEE Honduras

Teach in Honduras!

CEE Job Openings

Comunidad Educativa Evangelica (CEE) is receiving applications for the 2016-2017 school year for various grades and subjects. CEE ... Read More

Annual Dinner – November 13th

Come join us! You’ll hear testimonies of some of our missionaries and ministries in Colombia. Taste a traditional Colombian meal and hear live Colombian music. We look forward to connecting with you at this ... Read More

Jonathan Duarte in Concert

A Special Fundraising Concert with Jonathan Duarte and Ann Blennerhassett on August 9, 2015

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Ministry through education in Colombia

As in any country where poverty and guerrilla warfare are the norm and where mere present survival takes precedence over future dreams, education in Colombia is not a priority to the masses. Add to the equation the... Read More

Teaching, Mentoring, and Ministering High School Students.

A couple of days ago, I shared my last mentoring time with Luis.  I had never worked in a discipleship relationship with someone with such a great heart for God.  Luis had been at ECA... Read More