Country: Guatemala

City: Huehuetenango


Tony and Valentina Liborio

Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Tony and Valentina have now returned to Canada from Guatemala where they spent two years working among the Jacalteco speaking people of the Huehuetenango mountain region. Tony hails from El Salvador and Guatemalan-born Valentina spent much of her life in the Province of Quebec, where they currently reside. The Liborios met in Guatemala City while attending Bible college there. Between 1996 and 2002, Tony worked in church ministry in a remote Jacalteco community, Valentina joining him after their marriage in 2000. They have three children: Abigail, Daniel and Yohan.

They have helped strengthen a new church plant, Iglesia Huerto de Jeova, which grew significantly under their leadership. They also started a leadership training program and are now training three lay pastors. The Liborios felt God was calling them to return home to Montreal but they will continue to support the ministry amongst the Jacaltecos through support for the leadership program and one trip a year. Acts 13:2 has spoken to them and they look forward to returning soon as missionaries “set apart” by the Holy Spirit to continue their ministry in Guatemala.