Country: Nicaragua

City: Diriamba


Sam and Jeyssi Lee

Diriamba, Nicaragua

Several years ago, Sam Lee and his wife had a heart for missions and committed to go to the mission field when they turned 60 years old. Unfortunately, Sam’s wife passed away before then. After a few trips to Nicaragua with his Presbyterian church, Sam then decided to become a full time missionary and arrived there on his 60th birthday. He joined LAM Canada in 2015.

Sam’s main goal is to evangelize and equip children and teens for he sees them as the country’s future church. He encourages and gives training to teens so they can help run Sunday School’s in their churches.

Sam pastors the Agua Viva (Living Water) Presbyterian Church. At the moment this church meets in the members’ backyards. However, recently, the government has donated land for them to build. This is an exciting time as the church is growing and they are presently raising funds for this project. He pastors a second church and assists twelve others.

Sam is also involved in community development. In 2015, he worked along with the local government in order to start a local public school. In 2016, in Diriamba, the children now can go to a local school instead of walking 40 minutes to the nearest school. He has also been working to provide options for clean drinking water for the community. Each month, Sam distributes packages of essential food for 20 needy and unwed mothers in the community. Sam hopes to expand this project with sponsorships so more families can be reached.

Prayer Requests:

1. The ministry of evangelizing and equipping children and teens.

2. Funds for building the Agua Viva Church building.

3. The various community development projects underway.