Costa Rica

Country: Costa Rica


Kayla Chandler

Costa Rica

“You were meant for something bigger than Surrey.”

These were the words that haunted Kayla almost nightly in 2009, until one night it was so strong she could not brush it off any longer. She called her friend who responded, with a twinkle in her eye, “Kayla! Missions!” Horrified, Kayla explained how ridiculous it would be for her to get into missions; she was not a traveller, how could she go serve overseas and teach people about Jesus? She wasn’t educated enough; she didn’t grow up in the typical Christian culture, she never even went to youth group!

Kayla quickly learned that God was bigger than her weak excuses and before she knew it, she was packed up and headed to Costa Rica (which Kayla had never even heard of before the process had begun) on her very first missions trip. Almost immediately her heart was filled with a love for the ‘pura vida’ nation; its people, language and the famous gallo pinto.

Kayla is overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness and the opportunities He presents.  She continues to work as the Short Term Coordinator for Latin Link Costa Rica (a sister organization of LAM Canada), while studying and also working in low income neighborhoods building friendships/counselling.

Kayla knows that prayer and an obedient heart have been two key factors in the blessings she has received.

Prayer Requests:

  • For spiritual and physical protection, that Kayla not be intimidated by spiritual warfare but instead would be empowered and unafraid to be present in the battle.
  • For her improved Spanish comprehension.
  • For healthy, uplifting relationships. Kayla wants to be a shining light and drench others in love. This is only possible if she is also nourished by people loving her.

You can read Kayla’s blog about her experiences here.