Country: Colombia

City: Barranquilla


Hernán Bravo and Rosa Camargo Bravo

Barranquilla, Colombia

In the year 1988, God called Hernán and Rosa to serve as missionaries in their own country, founding churches in places where the gospel had not been preached. As of 2015, they have founded 3 churches and supported leaders and pastors to start 36 new churches in the Colombian Caribbean Coast and 4 in Venezuela.

Due to years of civil conflict that Colombia has suffered, more than four million people have been displaced from their homes and lands, and forced to live in extreme conditions of poverty. Hernán and Rosa have complemented the work of founding churches with development projects for needy people, including programs in health, education and small loans for micro enterprises. Hernán is a dentist who specializes in managing social projects, and Rosa has a Masters Degree in Social Development.

Current projects:

  • Humanitarian Support for Venezuela
    Venezuela is currently involved in a complex humanitarian crisis which includes: food and medicines shortages, increase of preventable diseases and massive immigration. According to recent figures the shortage of medicines reached 95%.People in general are desperate for food and basic supplies but the elderly and children are the ones most seriously affected by the food shortage.Hernan and Rosa are currently coordinating a project that aims to provide food to 150 children in Venezuela and provide basic delivery kits to pregnant women.
  • Online and classroom training for organization leaders and pastors, about project and organizational management and biblical counselling.


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