Country: Brazil

City: Amazon Region


Dione and Samuel Santos Lima (Sabrina)

Amazon Region, Brazil

Dione began working with the Kayapo people in 1992. With almost three decades of experience serving with the Kayapo, Dione has become very familiar with their culture: she knows their language well, knows how to cook their food, how to make them feel at home and comfortable with her. She has built healthy friendships and is well respected. Over the years, Dione was privileged to work alongside the late SIL (later LAM) missionary, Ruth Thomson, both in scripture translation work and in general ministry to the Kayapo. In coordination with other translators, Dione is determined to carry on the translation of portions of scripture started by her friend and colleague, Ruth.

Dione and Samuel, her husband, offer a Sunday worship service at a hospital where many Kayapo and Xikrin come for treatment. They also visit with Kayapo and Xikrin people who live in Redenção and hold worship and community services there, also. They also travel to seven indigenous villages in the area to share the Word of God and to help in practical ways. Dione is often called upon to interpret at doctors’ appointments and to assist with translating official documents from Portuguese to Kayapo.

Dione and Samuel also have a growing ministry using social media and pen drives. Dione records sermons, songs and New Testament readings in Kayapo and then distributes them on pen drives and memory cards. It is an effective means of sharing the gospel in the villages.

Dione and Samuel have a teenage daughter, Sabrina.