Country: Colombia

City: Barranquilla


Daniel and Helen Bravo

Barranquilla, Colombia

Daniel and Helen were raised in Christian families, attended church and knew about God. However, they did not really know God or have a personal relationship with Him. In His mercy, the Lord began to reveal Himself to them and transform their lives. They decided to follow him and dedicated their lives to serve Him wherever He wanted them to go. God has led them to serve in Colombia – their own country.

Many in Colombia, especially the youth, are suffering from violence, injustice and lack of opportunities. Daniel and Helen feel challenged by God’s word to be salt and light among them, to make a difference with the resources and gifts He has given them. Their ministry is focused on two aspects:

Evangelism through sports. The teens are one of the most vulnerable groups among the neediest people. They are filled with despair and hate, many turn to gangs, rebel militias, drugs, alcohol and suicide to escape from their situation.

However, through Christian soccer clubs many of them have come to know and follow Jesus. These clubs were formed in very poor areas of Barranquilla and Cartagena, where people displaced by the violence arrived in big numbers. They currently have 20 Christian soccer schools linked with local churches supporting the evangelism and discipleship programs.

Youth missionary teams. Christian teenagers work along with local churches ministering to teens through evangelism and social related activities such as: sports, games, street preaching and visiting local schools and parks.

In 2014, Daniel and Helen led a team of 8 Christian teenagers from Barranquilla to serve along with churches in Rio de Janeiro during the Soccer World Cup in Brazil.

The Bravos have also joined a multi disciplinarian team supported by LAM, Tearfund and other charities to work among the Wayuu people, an indigenous tribe living in Guajira (a region affected by a severe drought) under terrible conditions. As members of the missionary team helped the medical staff, others staged games for the kids. Most of the Wayuu people do not speak Spanish, so we had to be very creative to share the gospel with them! For more info, visit: fundaciondoulos.org/united-for-la-guajira-its-time-to-serve/ and facebook.com/fundaciondoulos?_rdr

Prayer Points:

  • As the Christian soccer clubs are growing in numbers, more Christian volunteers and certified sports coaches are needed. Please pray for God to send more people willing to serve young people in this area.
  • Daniel and Helen have received an invitation to go with the youth missionary team to minister with local churches in Maracaibo, Venezuela in July 2015. Pray for God’s guidance and His blessing during all the activities there.
  • Pray for the Wayuu people, as they are facing terrible living conditions. There is physical as well as spiritual hunger. May God help them overcome their current situation and give them wisdom and passion to continue serving Him by sharing the gospel among them.