Country: Bolivia

City: Trinidad


Craig and Amanda Cunningham (Sam)

Trinidad, Bolivia

Craig (from Scotland) and Amanda (from Canada) live and work in the city of Trinidad, Bolivia, where their work is split between Fundación Totaí and ‘El Jireh’ Evangelical Church.

Fundación Totaí, established in 2004, is a Christian organization which, through its core ministries of Health, Sports, and Education & Community, seeks to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ in one of Bolivia’s most impoverished regions.

Amanda is a board member of Fundación Totaí and serves as Director of Human Resources, providing professional and pastoral care to the FT staff. Craig oversees communications with FT’s supporters around the world.

‘El Jireh’ Evangelical Church was founded in 2005 and a small but dedicated community of believers meets throughout the week to worship together, pray and receive instruction from God’s Word. Craig serves on the church’s leadership, and is also heavily involved in the church’s word ministry, youth ministry, men’s ministry and music team. Amanda serves with Craig in youth ministry and also supports the church’s women’s ministry.