Country: Canada

City: Toronto


Carlos & Jeannette Lopez

Toronto, Canada

Carlos Milton and Jeannette Lopez are passionate about training, equipping and empowering Christian leaders. Especially the 90% of current Latin American pastors and Christian workers who do not have any theological education and the 45% of them who don’t even have a high school diploma. Regardless, they are leading Christian churches and ministries, for this reason Carlos and Jeannette’s priority is to provide TELL [Training and Equipping Latin American Leaders].

TELL is a practical program to provide training and study resources to those who are already leading and/or working in ministry, but who have no training opportunities, have very low income and or live in challenging areas where there is persecution or is geographically inaccessible. In 2016 Jeannette and Carlos created UniTell International University for Latin-American Leadership, accredited by Transworld International Accrediting Commission of Riverside, CA, USA. UniTell International University is currently present in 12 Latin American countries. This is the extension of TELL. Now, a long waiting list of Latin American pastor associations are asking for TELL/UniTell training.

Poverty and unemployment are everywhere in Latin America, thus Carlos and Jeannette are training, equipping and encouraging new initiatives to become Small and Medium Entrepreneurs. The goal is to become self-sustainable.

Carlos and Jeannette want to protect kids, teenagers and young women from becoming victims of the “Modern Slavery’ of Human Trafficking. Criminal organizations are using internet, social media, parties and other activities to get victims attention; for this reason, Carlos and Jeannette created the Integrated Strategic Plan Against Human Trafficking. This is an educational program to educate and protect potential victims such as kids, teenagers and young women. This project was presented personally by Carlos to the Committee on Hemispheric Security of the Permanent Council of the OAS Organization of American States in Washington DC United States.