Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. – Matthew 28:19-20

Men and women who, motivated by their love for the Lord Jesus Christ and in obedience to His commands assist and participate in building the Body of Jesus Christ in Latin America in these countries.

Short Term

Pia Luong - Avance YearOut Program

Pia Luong

Mexico City, Short Term

Starting in September 2018, as part of the Avance Mexico YearOut program, Pia Luong will spend the year immersed in Mexican culture. She will be living with a Mexican family, taking Spanish lessons and serving in a Mexican leadership ministry.

Taylor Chester

Siguatepeque, Short Term

Taylor Chester will work as a teacher at Comunidad Educativa Evangelica (CEE) in Siguatepeque, Honduras.

Ava Slotman

Barranquilla, Short Term

Ava is working in Barranquilla on the north coast of Colombia with Helen and Daniel Bravo. She is expanding the youth sports programs to include soccer clubs for girls, teaching local women how to coach soccer, as well as helping with initiatives for the Venezuelan refugees.


Allan and Rhoda Holt

Toronto, Canada

Allan Holt and Rhoda organize around three trips each year to Latin American destinations, from January to March. They have served in this ministry for many years.

Carolina Holguin

Toronto, Canada

Carolina is a native Colombian, who came to Canada with a desire to learn English and to do a Master’s degree in Chemistry. However, God had other plans for her. She is presently the Dean of a Spanish theological school in Toronto called the Instituto de Formación Ministerial (IFM).

Ken and Sue Vissers

Toronto, Canada

Ken and Sue Vissers have worked with LAM Canada in Christian camping since 1996, first pouring their hearts and energy into the development of Camp La Cumbre in Costa Rica, bringing the ministry to self-sufficiency with national leadership. Following a side trip to Edinburgh in 2004 where Ken pursued a Masters in Outdoor Education, the Vissers felt called to Honduras where Ken is the national coordinator of camping ministries for Scripture Union Honduras.

Joe Nesci

Toronto, Canada

Joe Nesci, a retiree, is using his gifts and passion for evangelism in a growing ministry to Spanish migrant workers in the Greater Toronto area.

Marcelo and Giulliana Viana (Sofia and Caio)

Winnipeg, Canada

Marcelo and Giulliana Viana are a dynamic, young Brazilian couple who are excited about God’s call to minister to the Brazilian, and other immigrant communities in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Carlos and Jeannette Lopez

Toronto, Canada

Carlos Milton and Jeannette Lopez are passionate about training, equipping and empowering Christian leaders through TELL and UniTell Training in Latin America. They are also involved in protecting kids, teenagers and young women from becoming victims of Human Trafficking. They have created the Integrated Strategic Plan Against Human Trafficking; an educational program to educate and protect potential victims.

Joel and Mairee Garcia

Toronto, Canada

Joel and Mairee García will be serving in outreach programs to the migrant community in South Durham, Ontario.

Santiago and Diana Benavides

Toronto, Canada

Santiago and Diana Benavides, have joined LAM for short term service in Canada and hope to take time to ‘regroup’, be refreshed, to expand their service to new cultural boundaries, to serve the local church and to get involved in LAM ministry in Canada


John and Tracey Pieters

Mexico City, Mexico

John and Tracey Pieters work on the edge of Mexico City – a city of almost 30 million inhabitants – to motivate, assist and equip Mexicans to start and serve in new congregations. The Pieters work alongside the “One in Christ” congregation, a church they helped plant.

Gwen Rowe

Mexico City, Mexico

Gwen will be teaching Grade 5 at the BridgeWay North American School in Mexico City beginning September 2017.


Christine Fiorito

San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

Have you ever had an experience that you knew was going to change your life? That’s what happened in 2001 when Chris first went to Guatemala as part of a Short Term Missions team. Now with Social Work and fundraising added to her resume, Chris is back in Guatemala teaching ESL to students 10-18 years of age.

Tony and Valentina Liborio

Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Tony and Valentina have now returned to Canada from Guatemala where they spent two years working among the Jacalteco speaking people of the Huehuetenango mountain region. Tony hails from El Salvador and Guatemalan-born Valentina spent much of her life in the Province of Quebec, where they currently reside.


Benjamin and Isabel Martinez

Puerto Lempira, Honduras

Benjamin and Isabel work amongst the Miskitos in Puerto Lempira. They pastor a Moravian Church and work with leadership development and church planting in the interior of Honduras.

David and Esther Bettney

Siguatepeque, Honduras

David and Esther have been with LAM in Honduras since 2006. They serve at Comunidad Educativa Evangélica (CEE), a Christian bilingual school located in Siguatepeque.


Sam Lee

Diriamba, Nicaragua

Sam’s main goal is to evangelize and equip children and teens in Nicaragua for he sees them as the country’s future church. He is also involved in church planting and community development.

Oscar and Ada Rivera

Carazo, Nicaragua

Oscar and Ada minister in Nicaragua to people who have addictions at a government sponsored rehab centre. They also minister through Bible studies, and counseling.

Rommel and Ana Julia Raudales

Carazo, Nicaragua

Rommel and Ana Julia Raudales have been working with Quien Soy Yo Ministires in Granada, Nicaragua, for several years. They are currently in Toronto and getting ready to return to Nicaragua at the beginning of 2019.

Costa Rica

David and Marilyn Longworth

Barva, Costa Rica

David and Marylin met in Costa Rica in 1980 at the Roblealto Bible Home. Since then they have worked with the Bible Society of Costa Rica and with Camp Roblealto. Their latest ministry is with the Glorious Day Foundation, a foundation Dave helped to set up with two other men who share his vision to minister to adolescents at risk in need of a loving, Christ-centred environment in which to prepare themselves for the future.

Jim and Pat McInnes

San Jose, Costa Rica

Jim and Pat began missionary work in Costa Rica in 1972, Jim working in electronics and Pat in nursing. Over the years the Lord has led them toward a variety of work: youth mentorship; university age and couples’ discipleship and Bible study; short term mission projects and eventually in 1984 He led them to pastor the bilingual congregation of Union Church.

Kayla Chandler

San Jose, Costa Rica

“You were meant for something bigger than Surrey.” These were the words that haunted Kayla almost nightly in 2009, until one night it was so strong she could not brush it off any longer. Kayla is overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness and the opportunities as she serves in the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle. She continues to work as the Short Term Coordinator for Latin Link Costa Rica (a sister organization of LAM Canada), while studying and also working in low income neighborhoods building friendships/counselling.

Nery and Pam Duarte

San Jose, Costa Rica

Nery has carried out a multi-faceted ministry in Costa Rica since he and his late wife, Pam, joined LAM Canada in the early 90s. Nery’s current ministry focus includes pastoral and chaplaincy work at a local prison. He also counsels church leaders and missionaries.

Rodolfo and Nancy Rose Umaña

Heredia, Costa Rica

Rodolfo and Nancy Rose (Longworth) Umaña joined the LAM Canada missionary family in 2006. They work with the Iglesia Bíblica Monte de Dios in Heredia. Rodolfo previously served with Camp Roblealto and ESEPA Seminary as Director of Development. Nancy Rose is the daughter of retired LAM missionaries Don and Nancy Longworth.


Hernán Bravo and Rosa Camargo Bravo

Barranquilla, Colombia

In the year 1988, God called Hernán and Rosa to serve as missionaries in their own country, founding churches in places where the gospel had not been preached. As of 2015, they have founded 3 churches and supported leaders and pastors to start 36 new churches in the Colombian Caribbean Coast and 4 in Venezuela.

Jorge and Gail Atiencia

Bogota, Colombia

Jorge and Gail serve in Colombia, focusing on the formation of Bible Expositors on a variety of fronts. The preaching “minischools”--where pastors as well as laymen and women receive training and mentoring over a three-year period--continue to thrive and multiply in various locations throughout Central and South America as well as in Africa and Asia.

Jacob Paul

Armenia, Colombia

Jacob and Leidy live and work with youth-based ministries in Armenia, Quindío - Colombia. With a population of around 250,000, Armenia is a small town, but with big needs.

Ale & Andrés Rincón (Violeta & Lucas)

Armenia, Colombia

The Rincons are involved with ZONAJ and Shalom’s Church ministries in the city of Armenia. Their main focus has been on these specific projects: 4D Leadership Development, ZONAJ (Youth in Movement), THE NEST - Pregnant Teens Center, Shalom’s Biblical School and Missions.

Daniel and Helen Bravo

Barranquilla, Colombia

Daniel and Helen work in community development projects and minister to vulnerable youth. Their ministry is focused on two aspects: evangelism to teens through sports and youth missionary teams.


Angela and Peter Brown

Angela Brown

Ponta Negra, Brazil

Angela and Peter have recently returned to Brazil where Angela will be serving as a LAM missionary in Ponta Negra, Natal, RN. She is reaching out to children and families with the love of God, through teaching English (using the Bible), Spanish and after school programs such as crafts to generate extra income. The goal is to address both the spiritual and material needs of those she ministers to and bring hope in the name of Jesus Christ.

Dione and Samuel Santos Lima (Sabrina)

Amazon Region, Brazil

Dione works in scripture translation and ministry to the Kayapo people in the Amazon Region. She and her husband, Samuel, minister in Redencao, surrounding villages and at the hospital where many Kayapo and Xikrin come for treatment.

Dan and Marcia Lawrance

Belem, Brazil

Dan was born and raised in Brazil to Canadian missionary parents. At an early age he gave his life over to the Lord and he started pursuing God´s will to become a missionary pilot. Marcia was also born and raised in Brazil with a professional background in physiotherapy. Dan and a few other Christian pilots are now in the process of establishing a new mission aviation program in Belém.


Craig and Amanda Cunningham (Sam)

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Craig (from Scotland) and Amanda (from Canada) live and work in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

SAMS Canada

SAMS Canada

Santa Cruz, SAMS Canada

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UWM Missionaries

UWM Missionaries

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