What type of work funded LAM?

We connect with churches and institutions in Canada and Latin America and international Christian organizations to encourage, support, and participate in building the Body of Jesus Christ in Latin America. Each activity and worker must be approved by the board gobernal LAM.


How I can know if a project is approved?

When you go to the donation page, will appear only approved projects. If you have any questions about any approved project or missionary, please contact us.


Which countries serve workers and projects LAM?


Our main long-term missions are located in several communities in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia, and Costa Rica. There had been other singular everywhere in Central America, Caribbean projects, and South America.


What if my chosen project is no longer active or has achieved its goal?

If you notice a preference on how LAM Canada used a gift but the chosen project is no longer active, your gift will be used where there is the most urgent need.


How do I make a donation?

What can you do with bank transaction such as credit card, debit card, check, or money order. We also offer a choice of pre-authorized monthly donation.


How I can trust that my donation will be used as I asked?

LAM is committed to honesty financial and administrative. We are members of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities and therefore we have to follow the most ethical practices for non-profits.

Why is it important affiliation with Christian Charities?

You can learn about the Canadian Council of Christian Charities here.

What do you mean automatic withdrawal – Electronic transfer of funds?

It is easy to put together a monthly pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account to LAM Canada. This process does not need to remember to write a monthly check! You can change the amount or the project / person receiving your gift anytime with this form.


How I can cancel or change a preauthorized agreement?

You can easily change or cancel your monthly donation with this form.


Why should I donate LAM Canada and not the person directly?

Tax subsidies in Canada for charitable donations are great – 75% of the value is applied against your taxable income when you give your donation receipt with your annual income tax.


Will I receive a receipt for any amount I give?

We provide receipts for amounts equal to or more than $ 20.


Where do I send the donation receipt?

Send official receipts for tax purposes by mail once a year, by 28 February of the following year.


Can I be sent a receipt immediately after I make a donation?

If you require a receipt before the end of the year to sent directly to LAM, please let our office funds.